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단어색인  <GLOSSARY>

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In this glossary, L21 means that the word or term appears for the first time in Lesson 21; L07r means that the word or term appears in the Extra Reading of Lesson 7. Double citations, as in L02r, L08, mean that the word or term appears for the first time in the Extra Reading of Lesson 2, and later appears in the main text of Lesson 8.


나그네  wanderer L27
나누어 주다  to distribute L18r
나뉘다  to be divided; 나누다 to divide L26
나란히  side by side, in line, in a row L19
나머지  the rest, the remaining L04
나쁜  bad, wicked; 나쁘다 to be bad, to be wicked L18r
나오다  to come out L07
나이 든  old; 나이 들다 to get mature or old L16r
나타나다  to appear L05 
날  day (used only with modifiers, as in 생일 날 birthday) L02
날다  to fly L01
날씨  weather L02
날으리 [나르리]  (I imagine/fancy it will) fly L15r
날짜  (due) date; 날짜가 급하다 to be in a rush, time is running out L22
남  others, other person, stranger L16
남녀 평등  gender equality, women's equality L09
남다  to be left over L08
남미  South America L03
남산  Nam-san Mountain L02
남아 있다  to still exist, remain L09r
남자  man, male L05
남쪽 바다  southern sea L15
남편  husband; 부인 wife L07
남한  South Korea L26
낭비하다  to waste; 낭비 waste L16, L21r
낮잠  noon nap L01
낯익다 [난닉따]  to be familiar with (a face) L05
낱말 [난말]  word, vocabulary L16r
내내  throughout a time period; 일년 내내 all through the year L24
내다보다  to look out from L12
내려 가다  to go down; 올라 오다 to come up, to rise L06
내용  content L04r
내쫓다  to expel, to chase out L19r
커피  iced coffee; 냉수 iced water L19
너도나도  everyone L16 
너무  too (much, little) L02
넉넉하다 [넝너카다]  to be sufficient, to have enough (time, space, or money) L22r
넓다  to be wide; 넓은 wide L01
넘다 [넘따]  to exceed, to be more than L02r
-네  family (of someone); 흥부네 Hŭngbu's family or home L02
노래자랑  song contest L15 
노력하다  to make an effort; 노력 effort, endeavor L20r
논밭  rice paddy and fields; 논 rice paddy; 밭 field, farm L11
놀라다  to be surprised, to be startled L11
놀리다  to tease; 놀림 teasing, making fun of L25
농담  joke L05
농부  farmer L12
높이다  to raise L22
놓치다  to miss, to fail to catch L12
눈길  line of vision, attention L27 
눈물 흘리다  to shed tears L25 
눈썹  eyebrows L14r
늘다  to increase L07r
늘리다  to widen, to make it increase L07r
늦다  to be late L03
늦어지다  to become late L06



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