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단어색인  <GLOSSARY>

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In this glossary, L21 means that the word or term appears for the first time in Lesson 21; L07r means that the word or term appears in the Extra Reading of Lesson 7. Double citations, as in L02r, L08, mean that the word or term appears for the first time in the Extra Reading of Lesson 2, and later appears in the main text of Lesson 8.


다가 오다  to approach, to near L17
다니다  to come and go; to walk around, to go around L02
다르다  to be different L02r
다리  bridge, leg L02r
다방  tearoom L10
다수결  majority decision; 다수 majority L15 
다스리다  to govern, to rule L18r
다양하게  variously; 다양하다 to be various L21 
다하다  to exhaust; 최선을 다하다 to do one's best L22
다행이다  to be fortunate L13
단지  complex, compound; 마산 공업 단지 Masan Industrial Park L08
단풍  fall colors, maple (leaves); 단풍철 fall season L07 
단풍이 들다  to change to fall colors L06
달  month L06
달  moon; 달이 뜨다 the moon rises L07
달려오다  to come running L25
달팽이  snail L27
담당자  person in charge; 담당하다 to be in charge L23
담배 피우다  to smoke a cigarette L04
답답하다  to be frustrated L01
닷새  five days; 닷새 안에 within five days L21 
당선되다  to be elected, to win an election L17
당시  at that time L07
당연하다  to be expected, natural; 당연히 naturally, justly L09
당장  immediately, right now L19r
닿다  to arrive at, to reach L11
대  to, versus; 천 대 일 1000 : 1 L01
대강  roughly, generally L14
대개; 대개는  mostly, in general L03r
대궐  palace L15 
대덕 city of Taedŏk (south of Seoul and next to Taejŏn); 대덕 과학 연구 단지 Taedŏk Science Town L08
대부분 almost all, for the most part, mostly L11r
대신 instead of, substitution, substitute; 대신하다 to take the place of, to replace L12
대여섯 about five or six; 한두 시간 three or four hours; 두세 명 two or three persons; 서너 집 a couple of houses L11r
대전 city of Taejŏn (south of Seoul) L08
대통령 president L17
대화 dialogue, conversation L03
대회 meeting, conference, competition L15
-댁 house, residence (HON.) L07
-더러 to (a person) (colloquial) L27
더군다나 furthermore L22r
-덕택에 owing to, thanks to L20
덮인 [더핀] covered; 덮이다 to be covered; 덮다 to cover L27
데려다가 having brought L10
데리고 accompanying L18r
데리고 가다 to take along; 데리고 오다 bring together L19
데이터; 자료 data L23
데이터베이스 database L23
도둑; 도적 thief, burglar; 도둑질하다 to steal L18r
도로 (paved) road L07r, L12
도시 city L02r, L08
도착하다 to arrive; 도착 arrival L01
독립 [동닙] independence; 독립 운동 independence movement L20r
독립하다 to become independent; 독립 independence L26
독창 solo (singing) L15
독특한 [독트칸] unique, peculiar; 독특하다 to be unique, to be peculiar L23r
money L08
stone, rock L13
돌보다 to look after L09r
돌아 오다 to return, to come back; 돌아 가다 to return, to go back L05
돕다 to help; 도움 help, aid L07
동기 motive L24
동네 village, town L15
동무 friend, chum L15 r
동아리 club, group L18
동양화 Oriental painting; 동양 the Orient, Oriental L12
동지 winter solstice L14r
동화책 children's story book L25
둘러보다 to look around, to make a survey L18
둘러싸다 to surround, to wrap around L13
둥지 nest L19r
드나들다 to go in and out L11
드문 scarce, rare, unusual; 드물다 to be scarce, to be rare L18
듣다 to take (course) L26
들꽃 wildflower L27
들다 to cost; 학비가 싸게 든다 tuition costs little L24
들르다 to drop by, to stop by L12
들여다보다 to look into, to peek in L03
et cetera, and so on L06
-등 place (in contest); 일등 first place; 이등 second place L15
등에 지다 to carry on the back L27
따다 to pick L19r
따뜻하다 [따뜨타다] to be warm L24
따라가다 to follow, to go with, to accompany, to follow in one's steps L16
따라서 therefore L08r
따오다 to pick off (a tree) and bring; 따다 to pick off L13
earth, land, ground L19r
떠나다 to leave L06
떡국 rice-cake soup L14
떨어뜨리다 (Vt.) to drop; 떨어지다 (Vi.) to drop L19r, L21
떨어지다 to fall, to go down L24
떨어진 worn-out; 떨어진 신 worn out shoes; 떨어지다 to be worn out; to fall off L25
또래 of the same age group, of the peer group L16
뚜렷하다 [뚜려타다] to be clear, to be sure L09
뚫다 [뚤타] to make a hole L19r
뛰놀던 used to romp/frolic L15r
뛰어나다 to be outstanding L07
뜨다 to rise, to come up, to float L07
뜯다 to take apart, to tear apart (and open) L21
뜯어 보다 [뜨더 보다] to open to see or read; 뜯다 to tear off L24
뜻밖에 [뜯빠께] unexpectedly L05



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