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In this glossary, L21 means that the word or term appears for the first time in Lesson 21; L07r means that the word or term appears in the Extra Reading of Lesson 7. Double citations, as in L02r, L08, mean that the word or term appears for the first time in the Extra Reading of Lesson 2, and later appears in the main text of Lesson 8.


- 마다 each, every L06
마을 village L10
마음 heart, mind, thought L14
마음씨 mind, heart; 마음씨 착한 good-hearted, good-natured L19
마찬가지이다 to be the same, to be similar L20
마치 as if, just as L10
마침 just at the time, just at the right moment L22
막히다 (Vi.) to be blocked; 막다 (Vt.) to block, to stop L06
만들다 to make L02r
만철 Man-chul (man's name) L20
-만큼 to the extent, as much as, as well as L09
만화 cartoon, comics L18
horse L10
말다 not to do; 하지 말아 Don't do; 가지 마세요 Don't go L05
맞다 to fit, to be suitable, to be correct L09; to get hit; 화살을 맞다 to be shot by an arrow L25
맞벌이 부부 working couple L09r
맞선 meeting prospective mate face to face; (맞)선보다 to meet face to face (for marriage purposes) L05
맞아 [마자] You are right L08
맞이하다 to welcome, to face L06
맡기다 to entrust, to charge with a duty L17
맡다 to be in charge of, to take on (responsibility) L15
매년; 매해 every year L14
매일 everyday L09
매장 sales floor L23
매진이다; 매진되다 to be sold out; 매진 sold-out L08
매체 medium, intermediary L23r
매표원 ticket agent; 매표구 ticket window; 매표소 box office L08
머물다 to stay (from 머무르다) L03r
멀다 to be far L02
멋있다 [머시따] to be stylish, to be cool, to be chic L10
명령 [명녕] order, command; 명령을 내리다 to order, to command L18r
명절 holiday L06
모두 all, in all, all together L03
모레 the day after tomorrow L16
모르다 not to know L02
모범 model, good example L07
모아 두다 to accumulate L18r
모셔 놓다 to set up, to place (respectfully); 모시다 to serve L10
모습 appearance, figure, look L02r
모으다 to gather, to collect L25
모임 meeting, gathering L15
모자라다 to lack, to be insufficient L21r
목숨 life, the breath of life; 목숨을 잃다 to be dead or killed L26
목적 purpose, objective, goal L23
body L14
-못지 않게 as good as L15
몽고군 Mongolian army; 몽고 Mongolia L13
무겁다 to be heavy; 가볍다 to be light L10
무늬 pattern, figure; 꽃무늬 floral pattern L16
무덤 grave, tomb L10
무덥다 to be humid and hot L06
무료(로) free (with no charge) L21
무섭게 awfully; 무섭다 to be awful, to be fearful, to be terrible; 닿기가 무섭게 as soon as it arrives L11
무술 martial arts L18
무역 to trade, import and export L22
무척 very, immensely, highly L10
-문고 bookstore; 서울 문고 Seoul Bookstore L18
문법 grammar L04r
문제 problem; 문제 없다 No problem. L22
문화 culture L03r, L10
물렁한 soft and squishy; 물렁하다 to be soft and squishy L27
물론 of course L03r
물새 water bird L15r
물어 보다 to try asking; 묻다 to ask L03
뭐하러 for what L13
뮤지컬 a musical L19
미래 future L08
미루다 to postpone, to put off L14
미리 ahead, in advance L13
미소 smile L10
미술전 art exhibition L19
민박 homestay; 민박하다 to stay with a family L03r
민족 ethnic group, race, (ethnically identical) people L20r, L26
민주주의 democracy; 민주주의(의) democratic L26
밀가루 flour L14r



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