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In this glossary, L21 means that the word or term appears for the first time in Lesson 21; L07r means that the word or term appears in the Extra Reading of Lesson 7. Double citations, as in L02r, L08, mean that the word or term appears for the first time in the Extra Reading of Lesson 2, and later appears in the main text of Lesson 8.


바꾸다 to change, to exchange L01
바꿔 주다 to change (for someone); 전화를 바꿔주다 to put (someone) on the phone L14
바닷가; 해변 beach L07
바라다 to wish, to hope L22
바람 wind; 바람이 불다 wind blows L13
바람에 as the result of, because of L16
바로 just, exactly; 바로 이것 exactly this one; 곧바로 immediately L07
바보 idiot, stupid person L25
바쇼 Basho (sixteenth-century Japanese haiku master) L27
바위 rock, boulder L27
바이어 buyer L22
gourd; 박 씨 gourd seed; 박 꽃 gourd flower L19r
박물관 [방물관] museum L02r
박수 applause; 박수 치다 to applaud L15
outside L01
class L15
반가워하다 (Vt.) to be glad, to rejoice; 반갑다 (Vi.) to be glad L07
반갑게 gladly; 반갑다 (Vi.) to be glad (to see, to hear, or to meet) L05
반도체 semiconductor L22r
반주 accompaniment (in music); 반주하다 to accompany (in music); 반주자 accompanist L15
받다 to receive L01
발달하다 [발딸하다] to develop; 발달되다 to be developed; 발달 development L07
발렌타인 데이 Saint Valentine's Day L16
발음 pronunciation; 발음하다 to pronounce L20
발전하다 to make progress; 발전 progress, advancement L10
발표하다 to present, to announce; 발표 presentation, announcement L15
cooked rice, meal L03
밥하다 to cook L13
방법; 법 method, means L04r
방식 way, method, manner; 생활 방식 way of life L13
배우 actor or actress L09
배우다 to learn L01
hundred L01
백두산 Paektu Mountain L26
백만 million L24
백제 Paekche (one of the Three Kingdoms) L08
백화점 [배콰점] department store L16
-번째 rank or position in a series; 첫 번째 first place; 두 번째 second place L02r
벌다 to earn; 돈을 벌다 to make money L08
법관 judge L09
법대 law school L09
법학 [버팍] study of law L09
벗기 taking off; 벗다 to take off; 옷을 벗다 to take off clothes L15
베스트셀러 best-seller L18
벼슬 government position, official rank L25
변하다 to change, to become different, to turn into L09
변호사 lawyer L09
별 일 strange event, unexpected thing; 별- strange, unexpected L14
별로 (not) very, (not) much (followed by negative verb) L02
disease, illness; 병이 나다/들다 to get sick L23r
보고서; 리포트 report, paper; 보고하다 to report L23
보고파라 (I) wish to see, (I) miss seeing L15r
보내다 to spend (time) L08; to send L11
보람있다 to be rewarding; 보람 worthwhile, rewarding L04
보물 treasure, valuables L19r
보석 jewel, gem, precious stone L19r
보이다 to be seen; 보다 to look at, to watch L01
보통 ordinary, common, usual, average L03r, L10
보통이다 to be usual, to be common L07r
복 받다 to be blessed; 복 blessing L14
복구되다 to be reconstructed, to be restored; 복구하다 to reconstruct, to restore; 복구 reconstruction, restoration L26
복숭아꽃 peach blossom; 복숭아 peach L15
복잡하다 to be complex, to be crowded L02
본토 mainland L13
볼트 volt L21
봉투 envelope L24
봐 두다 to inspect, to see ahead L13
부담하다 to pay, to bear the expense; 부담이 크다 to cost a lot L21
부러지다 (Vi.) to break; 부러뜨리다 (Vt.) to break L19r
부분 part; 일부분 one part of L23
부서지다 to be destroyed, to be demolished, to be broken; 부수다 to destroy, to demolish, to break L26
부여 city of Puyŏ L08
부자 rich person L19r
부지런하다 to be diligent L11
부처님 the Buddha (HON.) L10
부탁 request, favor; 부탁하다 to request, to ask a favor L22
북경 Beijing L20
북미 North America L03
북한 North Korea L20
분야 [부냐] field L09
분위기 [부뉘기] ambience, atmosphere L05
-불; 달러 [딸라] dollar L01
불교 Buddhism L10
불국사 Pulguk-sa temple in Kyŏngju L10
불다 (Vt.) to blow (trumpet, bugle), to play on (flute); (Vi.) to blow; 바람이 불다 The wind blows. L09
불리다 to be called L26
불만 discontent; 불만을 품다 to be discontent, to have a grudge L18r
불상 Buddha statue L10
불편하다 to be uncomfortable, to be inconvenient L07r, L21
불평 complaint; 불평하다 to complain L19r
불평등 inequality L09r
붐비다 to be crowded L16
붙어 있다 to be stuck on, to be fastened, to be posted L17
붙이다 [부치다] to acquire, to glue; 취미를 붙이다 to find pleasure in L09
rain; 비가 오다 to rain L02
비교 comparison; 비교하다 to compare L12
비록 even if L24
비밀 번호 password, secret number L23
비슷하다 to be similar, to be alike L06
비용 expense L21
비워 두다 to leave empty/blank; 비우다 to empty L23
비행기 airplane L01
empty; 비다 to be empty L01
빌려 쓰다 to borrow and use; 빌리다 to borrow L23
빨리 quickly, hurriedly L02
빵집; 제과점 bakery L10
빼다 to pull out; 점잔을 빼다 to act dignified L05
빼앗다 to snatch, to take away L18r
뽑다 to choose, to select, to elect L17
뽑히다 [뽀피다] (Vi.) to be selected; 뽑다 (Vt.) to select L15
뿌리다 to scatter L13r, L27
뿌리치다 to shake off, to leave L15r
뿐만 아니라 not only; 뿐 only L13



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