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In this glossary, L21 means that the word or term appears for the first time in Lesson 21; L07r means that the word or term appears in the Extra Reading of Lesson 7. Double citations, as in L02r, L08, mean that the word or term appears for the first time in the Extra Reading of Lesson 2, and later appears in the main text of Lesson 8.


사건[사껀] event L23r
성장 growth; 성장하다 to grow, to expand; 경제 성장 economic growth L16r
사귀다 to make (a friend) L04
사내 man; 사내 아이 boy L10
사라 Sarah L09
사라지다 to disappear L18
사랑하다 to love L12
사뿐히 lightly (in steps or motion) L27
사양하다 to decline, to turn down (politely) L22
사용 use; 사용하다 to use L21r
사용자 user L23
사용하다 to use L20
사윗감 prospective son-in-law L25
사이 between, gap; relationship L07
사정 circumstances, state of things L25
사진 photo L17
사촌 cousin L14
사회 society L09r
mountain L02r
산골 [산꼴] mountain valley, mountain village L15
산소 graves, cemetery (HON.) L06
산업 industry; 수산업 marine industry L07
살고 지고 live and die L15r
살구꽃 apricot blossom; 살구 apricot L15
살다 to live, to be inhabited L02r
살리다 to revive, to save, to let live; 살다 to live L15
-살 먹다 to get to be . . . years old (colloquial) L14r
살아 계시다 to be alive (HON.) L09
삼국 Three Kingdoms (Silla, Koguryŏ, Paekche) L10
삼팔선; 삼십팔도선 thirty-eight degrees north latitude (literally), thirty-eighth parallel (dividing Korea) L26
table L12; prize, award; 상을 받다 to win a prize L15
상대하다 to deal with L08
상원의원 Senator L17
상자 box L21
상징하다 to symbolize L23r
상품 merchandise L22r
새끼 chick, baby (animal) L19r
새로 newly L08r
새로운 new; 새롭다 to be new, to be fresh L13
새벽 dawn, early in the morning L11
새우다 to stay up; 밤을 새우다 to stay up all night L14r
새해 new year L06
생각 없이 without thinking L21r
생각이 나다 to occur to one, to think of, to remember; 생각 thoughts L06
생기다 to happen, to occur L04
생사 life and death L25
생산비 production cost L22r
생산품 products, manufactured goods L22
생선 (caught food) fish; 물고기 live fish L11
생신 birthday (HON.); 생일 birthday (plain) L16
생활비 living expenses L24
생활하다 to live, to exist; 생활 life, livelihood L03r
샤워하다 to take a shower L03
서구 western Europe; 서양 the West; 동구 eastern Europe L20
서로 mutually, to each other L05
서류 document, paper L22
서비스 센터 service center L21
서양 occidental, the Occident, Western world; 동양 Orient L16
서울 city of Seoul L01
서울역 Seoul Station; 역 stop, station L02
서점 bookstore L18
서투르다 to be clumsy, to be unskilled; 서투른 영어 broken English L02
서해 West Sea (also known as Yellow Sea) L26
-석 seat (for tickets); A 석 A-class ticket L19
석 달 three months L05
석굴암 Sŏkkuram Grotto (where stone Buddha was built) L10
석탑 stone pagoda; 탑 tower; 시계탑 clock tower L10
섞다 to mix (with) L04
선(線) line L27
선거 election; 선거 운동 election campaign L17
선물 gift, present L16
선박 boat, ship L11
선배 senior classmate; 후배 junior classmate L08
선전하다 to advertize L24
섣달 그믐날 the year's last month's last day, New Year's Eve L14r
설 쇠다 to celebrate New Year's Day L14r
설; 설날 New Year's Day L06
설명 explanation; 설명하다 to explain L03
설빔 New Year's Day attire L14r
설악산 Sŏrak Mountains on the eastern coast L06
island L13
성(姓) last name L10
성공하다 to be successful; 성공 success L23r
성능 performance, capability L23
성묘하다 to visit grave to pay respect to ancestor L06
성악가 concert singer L12
성장하다 to grow; 성장 growth L20
세계 world L02r
세계적으로 internationally, worldwide L21r
세관 customs office L01
세기 century; 2 세기 second century L10
세대 generation, era L23r
세배 sebae (formal bow of respect to elders on New Year's Day; 세배 가다 to pay visit of respect on New Year's Day; 세배 드리다 or 세배하다 to perform sebae L14
세우다 to erect, to build, to found L10
세워지다 (Vi.) to be founded; 세우다 (Vt.) to found, to set up L26
센터 center; 정보 센터 information center L23
셀 수 없이 innumerably, countlessly L12
-셈이다 it is as though . . . L21
소개하다 to introduce; 소개 introduction L03
소나무 pine tree L07
소련 Russia (former Soviet Union) L26
소리 sound, word; 무슨 소리야? What's this sound?, What do you mean? L20
소리 지르다 to yell, to shout L04
소비 consumption; 소비하다 to consume L21r
소비자 consumer; 소비하다 to consume L21
소설 fiction, novel L18
소설가 novelist, fiction writer L12
소수 minority; 다수 majority; 소수 민족 ethnic minority L20r
소식 news L25
소원 wish L15
손 들다 to raise a hand L04
손님 customer L16
솔잎 pine needles L27
솜씨 skill (mostly manual skills) L07
송편 rice cake (sweet-filled); 떡 rice cake (any kind) L06
수도 capital city (Sino-Korean, formal word for nation's capital) L02
수력 발전 [발쩐] hydroelectric power generation L21r
수산업 marine industry L10r
수양 mental discipline; 수양하다 to train one's mind L18
수업 instruction, lessons, class L03
수영 swimming; 수영하다 to swim L07
수영장 swimming pool L24
수입 import L22
수입품 import (trade goods) L11r
수준 level; 생활 수준 living standard L22r
수줍어하다 [수주버하다] to feel shy; 수줍다 to be shy L05
수출 export L22
수출품 export (trade goods) L11r
순간 moment, instant L11
forest L10
쉬다 to take a rest; 쉬면서 while relaxing L24
쉽게 easily L16
스무(개) twenty (items) L02r
스카프 scarf L16
스포츠 sport L18
슬프게 sadly; 슬프다 to be sad L25
습관 habit, custom L14
poem, poetry L07
시끄럽다 to be loud, to be noisy L01
시내 downtown, within city limits L18
시대 time, age L02
시범 example, demonstration; 시범 경기 exhibition game or match L18
-(시)옵소서 I pray . . . (HON.) L27
시인 poet L12
시작하다 to begin, to start; 시작 begining, starting L01
시장하다 to be hungry (HON.); 배가 고프다 to be hungry (plain) L12
시중 가격 market price L23
시집보내다 to marry off (woman); 시집 marriage (for woman), in-law's house (literally); 시집가다 to get married L25
시차 time difference L14
시키다 to order (food), to make (a person) do; 알아서 시키다 to figure out and order (food), to make (a person) do L05
시합 competition, match L15
식구 immediate family member L09
식물 [싱물] plants L13
신나게 happily, elatedly, excitedly; 신나다 to be exciting L21
신나다 to be exciting L18
신난다! Exciting! Super! Cool!; 신나다 to be exiting L06
신년 계획 New Year's plan L14
신라 [실라] Silla dynasty L10
신랑 [실랑] groom; 신랑감 prospective groom L25
신발; 신 shoes L02
신발업 shoe industry L11r
신선한 refreshing, fresh; 신선하다 to be refreshing, to be fresh L24
신세대 new generation L16r
신중하게 prudently, cautiously, discreetly L17
신청서 application form; 신청하다 to apply (for) L23
신형 new style L21
신혼여행 honeymoon L13
신화 myth, mythology L10
실력 knowledge; 영어 실력 command of English L04r
실례이다 to not follow proper etiquette; 실례지만 Excuse me, . . . L03
실리콘 밸리 Silicon Valley L08r
실수하다 to make a mistake; 실수 mistake, blunder L16
심다 to plant L19r
심리학 psychology; 심리 state of mind, mentality L08
심사 위원 judge (for a contest); 심사하다 to judge, to assess L15
심술쟁이 grouch, ill-tempered person L19r
싱싱하다 to be fresh L11
싸우다 to fight L25
쏟아지다 [쏘다지다] to pour out, to gush out L19r
쓸쓸히 lonely; 쓸쓸하다 to be lonely L14
씨디 플레이어 CD player; 씨디 CD L21
씨앗; 씨 seed L19r



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