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In this glossary, L21 means that the word or term appears for the first time in Lesson 21; L07r means that the word or term appears in the Extra Reading of Lesson 7. Double citations, as in L02r, L08, mean that the word or term appears for the first time in the Extra Reading of Lesson 2, and later appears in the main text of Lesson 8.


타다 to ride, to get on L01
타원형 oval shape; 둥글다 to be round L13
태권도 tae kwon do L18
태양; 해 sun L21r
태어나다 to be born L01
택견 form of Korean martial art L18
택시 taxi L01
터미널 bus terminal; 고속 버스 터미널 express-bus terminal L07
텅 비다 totally or completely empty L06
토론하다 to debate, to discuss; 토론 debate, discussion L23r
classifier for letters or documents; 편지 한 통 one letter; 이력서 두 통 two copies of resume L24
통계 statistical data, statistics L23
통과하다 to pass, to pass through L01
통신 문화 culture of communication L23r
통신망 communication network L23r
통역하다 to interpret; 통역 interpretation L22
통일 unification; 통일되다 to be unified L15
통일되다 to become unified; 통일하다 to unify; 통일 unification L26
통해서 by way of, through; 통하다 to pass through L11r
투자 investment; 투자 회사 investment company L08
투표하다 to vote, to take a ballot; 투표 voting, balloting, a vote L15
트럼펫 trumpet L09
특별한 special; 특별하다 to be special; 특별히 specially L06
특이하다 to be unique, to be peculiar L13
특히 [트키] especially L05
튼튼한 strong, healthy; 튼튼하다 to be strong, to be healthy L14
틈 나다 to have spare time; 틈 spare time L15



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