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In this glossary, L21 means that the word or term appears for the first time in Lesson 21; L07r means that the word or term appears in the Extra Reading of Lesson 7. Double citations, as in L02r, L08, mean that the word or term appears for the first time in the Extra Reading of Lesson 2, and later appears in the main text of Lesson 8.


-하고 with (colloquial for 와/과) L02
하나로 as one (entity) L26
하늘 sky L01
하도 too (much), very L19r
하드 디스크 hard disk L23
하루 one day L08
하루라도 for even one day L23r
하얘지다 to turn white; 까매지다 to turn black or dark L14r
하원 의원 congressman, congresswoman L17
하이테크 high-tech L08r
하지만 but L04
학문 [항문] learning, scholarship, academic studies L07, L18r
학생증 student identification card L23
학생 회관 student hall L23
학원 tutoring school L11
학자 scholar L07
한- about; 한 이삼일 about two or three days L01; very; 한 가운데 just in the middle of L13
한 두 달 one or two months L06
한강 Han River L02r
한국사; 국사 Korean history L26
한데 one place L15r
한라산 [할라산] Mount Halla L13
한반도 Korean Peninsula L26
한정식 Korean full-course meal L12
한참 for a long while L05
한창이다 to be in the prime of, to be in full (bloom, color) L07
한턱 내다 to treat (to a meal); 한턱 a treat (colloquial) L15
-한테 to (a person) (indirect object marker in colloquial and intimate speech) L16
할 수 없이 having no choice, without any other choice; 할 수 없다 can't help it L13
할인 [하린] discount; 할인하다 to give a discount L23
함께 together L14r
합창 chorus, choir; 합창하다 to sing in a choir L15
항구 port; 항구 도시 port city L11
해결하다 to solve L22r
해남 city of Haenam in South Chŏlla Province L12
해녀 woman sea diver L13
해마다; 매년 every year L25
해산물 seafood, marine product L11
해수욕장 beach (swimming area) L11r
해외 abroad, overseas L22r
해운대 Haeundae Beach in Pusan L11r
행동 behavior, act; 행동하다 to behave, to act; 말과 행동 words and deeds L05
행사 event L06
허리띠 waistband, belt L10
현관 front entrance L22
현금 cash L01
현대 present age, modern times L09r
현대화하다 to modernize; 현대화 modernization L19
현모양처 wise mother and good wife L07
현배 Hyun-bae (man's name) L01
현재 present (time), currently L02r
호기심 curiosity L18
호수 lake L07
-호실 room number; 2호실 room 2 L03
호젓한 lonely, desolate; 호젓하다 to be lonely, to be desolate L27
호주 Australia L03
혹시 by any chance L21
혼내주다 to reprimand, to teach a lesson (colloquial) L18r
혼자 alone, by oneself L02
홀로 alone L13
『홍길동전』 The Tale of Hong Kil-dong L18
화가 painter, artist L12
화나다 to be mad, to be angry L25
화력 thermal power L21r
화산 volcano (volcanic mountain) L13
화살 arrow L25
화해 reconciliation; 화해하다 to reconcile L19r
환경 environment; 환경 오염 environmental pollution L21r
환율 [환뉼] exchange rate L01
환전소 exchange office L01
활발하다 to be active, to be lively L22
회사원; 사원 company employee L04
회화 conversation; 회화 시간 conversation class L03
효도 filial piety L07
후보 candidate L15
후보; 후보자 candidate L17
훌륭한 great; 훌륭하다 to be great L09
훨씬 much more, by far L10
휩쓸리다 to be swept up, to be seized, to be overrun; 휩쓸다 to sweep, to seize, to overrun L16
휴가 (철) vacation (season) L07r
휴게소 rest area L12
휴전선 truce line; 휴전하다 to make a truce; 휴전 truce, armistice L26
흐르다 to flow, to run L02r
흔히 frequently, commonly L05
흘리다 to shed (tears); 눈물 흘리다 to shed tears, to weep L27
흥미 interest; 흥미 있다 to be interested, to be interesting L08
『흥부전』 The Tale of Hŭngbu L19
힌트 hint L13
힘들다 to be difficult, to be hard L02
힘들어 하다 to feel difficult, to have difficulty with L04r



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