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제 2 과


 가깝다  to be close, to be near; 가까운 near
 같이 [가치] together (with)  
 걱정하다 to worry; 걱정 concern, worry
 건물 building
 걷다 to walk 
 걸리다 to take (time)
 굉장히 very, enormously, wonderfully; 굉장하다 to be grand
 교통 traffic, transportation
 구경하다 to see, to sightsee; 구경 sightseeing
 그래 Yes, Sure, It'll be . . . , I'll do so.; 그래? Is that so?   
 그럼 Yeah, Sure, Certainly, Of course, If so, Well then
 기다리다 to wait (for)  
 날 day (used only with modifiers, as in 생일 날 birthday)  
 날씨 weather  
 남산  Nam-san Mountain
 너무 too (much, little)  
 -네 family (of someone); 흥부네 Hŭngbu's family or home
 다니다 to come and go, to walk around, to go around
 멀다 to be far  
 모르다  not to know
 별로 (not) very, (not) much (followed by negative verb)
 복잡하다  to be complex, to be crowded  
 비 rain; 비가 오다 to rain
 빨리 quickly, hurriedly
 서울역 Seoul Station; 역 stop, station
 서투르다 to be clumsy, to be unskilled; 서투른 영어 broken English
 수도 capital city (Sino-Korean, the formal word for a nation's capital)
 시대 time, age Audio N/A !
 신발; 신 shoes
 아마 maybe
 여기 저기  here and there
 옛날 [옌날] ancient times, old days
 오래되다 to be old, to be a long time (since) Audio N/A !
 오후 P.M., afternoon Audio N/A !
 은영 Eun-young (woman's name)
 잊어버리다 [이저버리다] to forget (completely); 잊다 to forget
 정말 really, indeed Audio N/A !
 좋다 [조타] to be good
 지금 present time, now Audio N/A !
 지하철 subway
 -쯤 about
 편한 comfortable; 편한 신 comfortable shoes; 편하다 to be comfortable
 -하고 with (colloquial for 와/ 과)
 혼자 alone, by oneself
 힘들다 to be difficult, to be hard

Extra Reading  Vocabulary

가운데 in the middle (of)
강  river
계속 continuously; 계속하다 to continue; 계속되다 to be continued
넘다 [넘따]  to exceed, to be more than
다르다 to be different
다리 bridge; leg
도시 city
만들다 to make
모습 appearance, figure, look
박물관 [방물관] museum
-번째  rank or position in a series; 첫 번째 first place; 두 번째 second place)
살다 to live, to be inhabited
세계 world
스무(개) twenty (items)
약  approximate, about
어렵다 to be hard, to be difficult
여러 가지 different kinds, various kinds
운전하다 to drive (a car)
이야기 story, tale; 이야기하다 to converse
조선 Chosŏn dynasty (1392-1910)
천만 ten million
한강 Han River
현재 present (time), currently
흐르다 to flow, to run

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