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제 4 과


 가르치다 to teach, to instruct
 교내  on campus;  교내 식당 campus cafeteria
 금연 no smoking
 급한 [그판]  urgent;  급하다 to be urgent
 끝 end point;  끝까지 to the end
(Vi.) to end, to be over;  끝내다 (Vt.) to finish
(Vt.) to finish, to complete
 나머지 the rest, the remaining
 담배 피우다 to smoke a cigarette
 보람있다  to be rewarding;  보람 worthwhile, rewarding  
 사귀다 to make (a friend)
 생기다  to happen, to occur
 섞다 to mix (with)
 소리 지르다 to yell, to shout
 손 들다 to raise a hand
 아르바이트 student's part-time job;  아르바이트하다 to work part-time
 아무 any;  아무 질문 any question
 알아 듣다   to understand
 얼마나 so (good, bad, hard, or the like), how much
 열심히 diligently, hard
 오전 A.M.; morning
 일어나다 to get up (from seat or bed); to happen, to occur, to break out
never, don't ever, absolutely (not)
 점심 lunch
 -중  during;  수업 중 during class
to guess, to estimate;  짐작으로 by guessing
 커피 coffee
 하지만 but
 회사원; 사원 company employee 

Extra Reading  Vocabulary
내용 content
문법 grammar
방법; 법 method, means
실력 knowledge;  영어 실력 command of English
이야기하다 to have a conversation;  이야기 story, conversation 
적절한  appropriate;  적절하다 to be appropriate
주로 mainly, mostly
힘들어 하다 to feel difficult, to have difficulty with

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