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제 5 과
친구와의 대화


 가끔 sometimes, once in a while
 건수 Geon-su (man's name)
 결정하다 to decide, to decide on;  결정 decision
 관심 interest;  관심 있다 to be interested
 교환 학생 exchange student;  교환하다 to exchange
 그런데 by the way
 남자 man, male
to be familiar with (a face)
 농담 joke
 돌아 가다 to return, to go back;  돌아 오다 to return, to come back
 말다 not to do;  하지 말아. Don't do;  가지 마세요. Don't go.
 맞선 meeting prospective mate face to face;  (맞)선보다 to meet face to face (for marriage purposes)
 반갑게 gladly;  반갑다 (Vi.) to be glad (to see, to hear, or to meet)
ambience, atmosphere
 빼다 to pull out;  점잔을 빼다 to act dignified
 서로 mutually, to each other
 석 달 three months
to feel shy;  수줍다 to be shy
 시키다 to order (food), to make (a person do);  알아서 시키다 to figure out and order (food); to make (a person do)
 얌전하다 to be well-mannered, to be poised, to be demure
 어른 adult, older person
 어머! expression of surprise (usually used by female)  
 어색하다 to be unfamiliar, to be unnatural, to be awkward
 여자 woman, female
 연락 [열락] connection, contact;  연락하다 to get in touch, to contact
 예절 etiquette, manners; 예절 바르다 to have good manners
 윗사람   superior person, elderly person
 유미 Yu-mi (woman's name)
 이모 mother's sister;  고모 father's sister
 일찍 early
 자연스럽다 to be natural;  자연 nature
 전공하다 to major in;  전공 major, specialty
 점잔을 빼다 to put on dignified air
 정하다 to decide on, to choose
 조심하다 to be careful;  조심 caution, prudence
 존경하다 to respect;  존경 [종경] respect
 좀 a little, please
 죄송하다 to be or feel sorry;  죄송하지만 Excuse me, but . . .
 주일 week;  이 주일 two weeks Audio N/A!
 카페  cafe, coffee shop;  다방; 찻집 tearoom
 특히 [트키] especially
 풍속 custom
 한참 for a long while
 행동 behavior, act;  행동하다 to behave, to act;  말과 행동 words and deeds
 흔히 frequently, commonly

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