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제 6 과


 가을 autumn
 가장; 제일 the most
 강릉 [강능]   city of Kangnŭng in Kangwŏn Province
 거리 streets;  서울 거리 streets of Seoul
 게다가   in addition, moreover (short form of 거기에다가)
 경치 scenery
 곡식   grains, food
 과일 fruit
 근처 vicinity, nearby place
 꼼짝 못하다 can't move a bit;  꼼짝 하다 to budge, to stir
 꽉   fully, tightly
 꽤 quite, rather
 내려 가다  to go down;  올라 오다 to come up, to rise
 늦어지다 to become late
 단풍이 들다 to change to fall colors
 달 month
 등 et cetera, and so on
 떠나다 to leave
 -마다 each, every
 막히다 (Vi.) to be blocked;  막다 (Vt.) to block, to stop
 맞이하다 to welcome, to face
 명절   holiday
 무덥다 to be humid and hot
 비슷하다 to be similar, to be alike
 산소 graves, cemetery (HON.)
 새해 new year
 생각이 나다 to occur to one, to think of, to remember;  생각 thoughts
 설; 설날   New Year's Day
 설악산 Sŏrak Mountains on the eastern coast
 성묘하다 to visit grave to pay respect to ancestor
 송편 rice cake (sweet-filled);  떡 rice cake (any kind)
 신난다! Exciting! Super! Cool!;  신나다 to be excited
 양력 [양녁] western calendar
 음력 [음녁]     lunar calendar
 -(이)나 either-or, and, as well
 정월; 일월 January
 준비하다 to get ready, to prepare
 지방 local area, region, the country
 차례 memorial service for ancestors on New Year's Day and Ch'usŏk;  차례 지내다 to have memorial service on New Year's Day and Ch'usŏk;  제사 memorial service (in general);  제사 지내다 to have memorial service
 초하루 first day of the month
 추석 Harvest Festival Day (August 15 on lunar calendar)
 추수 harvest;  추수하다 to harvest
 추수감사절 Thanksgiving
 친척 relative, family member
 큰아버지 father's older brother
 텅 비다 totally or completely empty
 특별한 special;  특별하다 to be special;  특별히 specially
 풍부하다 to be plentiful, to be abundant
 한 두 달 one or two months
 행사 event

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