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제 7 과
강원도와 신사임당


 고속 버스 express bus
 관광 tour, tourism; 관광 산업 tourist industry
 그리다 to draw, to paint
 그림 drawing, painting
 글   writing
 글쎄 Well, Let me see
 기르다   to raise (a child), to grow
 나오다   to come out
 남편 husband; 부인 wife
 단풍 fall colors, maple (leaves); 단풍철 fall season
 달   moon; 달이 뜨다 the moon rises
 당시 at that time
 -댁 house, residence (HON.)
 돕다   to help; 도움 help, aid
 뛰어나다 to be outstanding
 뜨다 to rise, to come up, to float
 모범 model, good example
 바닷가; 해변  beach
 바로 just, exactly; 바로 이것 exactly this one; 곧바로 immediately
 반가워하다 (Vt.) to be glad, to rejoice; 반갑다 (Vi) to be glad
to develop; 발달되다 to be developed; 발달 development
 사이   between, gap, relationship
 산업 industry; 수산업 marine industry  
 소나무 pine tree
 솜씨 skill (mostly manual skills)
 수영 swimming; 수영하다 to swim
 시 poem, poetry
 아이 child, kid
 양반 yangban class, nobility
 얘기 story, tale, talk, news (short form of 이야기); 얘기하다 to say
Audio N/A! 어렸을 때 when one was young
 역사적으로 historically
 예쁜 pretty; 예쁘다 to be pretty
 외동딸     only daughter; 외동아들/외아들 only son
 유명하다 to be famous
 인상적 impressive
 자연 nature
 자유롭게 freely; 자유 freedom; 자유롭다 to be free
 재주   talent; 재주가 있다 to be talented
 지도 map
 -처럼 like; 남자처럼 like a man
 터미널 bus terminal; 고속 버스 터미널 express-bus terminal
 포도   grapes
 풀벌레 plant insect/bug; 쌀벌레 rice bugs
 학문 [항문] learning, study, scholarship, academic studies, academic learning
 학자    scholar
 한창이다 to be in the prime of, to be in full (bloom, color)
 현모양처 wise mother and good wife
 호수 lake
 효도 filial piety

Vocabulary for Extra Reading 

공사  construction work
관광객  tourist
관광지  tourist place
그 동안  in the mean time
늘다  to increase
늘리다  to widen, to make it increase
도로  (paved) road
보통이다 to be usual, to be common
불편하다 to be uncomfortable, to be inconvenient
영동 고속 도로 Yŏng-dong Expressway (from Seoul to Kangnŭng)
-이상  more than, above, over
좁다  to be narrow
줄  lane, line;  두 줄 two lanes, two lines
-중에  among, between
피하다  to avoid
휴가(철) vacation (season)

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