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제 9 과
무엇이 될까?


 경영학 study of business administration;  경영 business administration
 경찰관 police officer 
 계획 plan
 고등학교 high school
study of education;  교육 education
 그냥 for no reason, as it is, as it stands
 꿈 dream;  꿈꾸다 to dream
 남녀 평등 gender equality, women's equality
 당연하다 to be expected, natural;  당연히 naturally, justly
to be clear, to be sure
 -만큼 to the extent, as much as, as well as  
 맞다 to fit, to be suitable, to be correct
 매일 everyday
 배우 actor or actress
 법관 judge
 법대 law school
 법학 [버팍] study of law
 변하다 to change, to become different, to turn into
 변호사   lawyer
 분야 [부냐] field
 불다    (Vt.) to blow (trumpet, bugle), to play on (flute); (Vi.) to blow;  바람이 불다 The wind blows.
to acquire, to glue;  취미를 붙이다 to find pleasure in
 사라 Sarah
 살아 계시다 to be alive (HON.)
 식구   immediate family member
 어리다 to be very young, to be immature;  어려서부터 from the time of youth
 엘샡     LSAT
 여성 female;  남성 male
 연극 drama, play
 유학 오다 to come to study abroad;  유학하다 to study abroad
Audio N/A! 음악   music;  음악가 musician
 의학 medical study, medicine
 자주 frequently, many times
 장래 future
 적성 aptitude
 중학교 middle school
 직업 [지겁] profession, occupation;  직업 여성 professional woman
 진학하다 to move on (to next level of school)
 찾다   to find
 초등학교 elementary school (formerly 국민학교)
 취미 interest, hobby
 트럼펫 trumpet
 평등 equality
 훌륭한     great;  훌륭하다 to be great

Vocabulary for Extra Reading 

가족 family
결혼하다   to marry
경우  occasion, case
관습 custom, usual practice
구하다 to look for, to seek
그만두다 to quit
기회 opportunity, chance
남아 있다    to still exist, to remain
돌보다 to look after
맞벌이 부부    working couple
불평등 inequality
사회 society
없어지다 to disappear, to vanish
example;  예를 들면 for example
예외 exception
적다 to be few (in number), to be little (in quantity)
점점 gradually
직장   job, employment, workplace
차별하다 to discriminate against
현대 present age, modern times

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