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제 11 과
항구도시를 찾아서


 고기; 물고기 fish; 고기 잡다 to fish
 고속 페리 high-speed ferry
 관공서 government or public office
 기선 liner, large ship, steamship
 끊임없이   endlessly; 끊다 to sever, to cut off
 논밭 rice paddy and fields; 논 rice paddy; 밭 field, farm
 놀라다 to be surprised, to be startled
 닿다 to arrive at, to reach
 드나들다 to go in and out
 러시아 Russia
 무섭게 awfully; 무섭다 to be awful, to be fearful, to be terrible; 닿기가 무섭게 as soon as it arrives  
 보내다 to send
 부지런하다 to be diligent
 새벽 dawn, early in the morning
 생선 (caught food) fish; 물고기 live fish
 선박 boat, ship
 순간 moment, instant
 싱싱하다 to be fresh
 어디 가나  wherever one goes
 어선 fishing boat
 어시장 fish market
 왕복하다   to make a round trip; 왕복 round-trip
 인구   population
 인천   city of Inch'ŏn
 전국 the whole country (nation)
 종류 [종뉴]  kind, sort, variety
 중국 China
 찾아서 in search of; 찾다 to search for Audio N/A!
 학원 tutoring school
 항구 port; 항구 도시 port city
 해산물 seafood, marine product

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
 경부 고속 도로 Seoul-Pusan Expressway 
 대부분 almost all, for the most part, mostly
 대여섯 about five or six; 한두 시간 a couple of hours; 두세 명 two or three persons; 서너 집 three or four houses
 수산업 marine industry
 수입품 import (trade goods)
 수출품   export (trade goods)
 신발업 shoe industry
 인상   impression; 인상을 주다 to give an impression
 조선업   shipbuilding industry
 최대     biggest, largest, most
 통해서 by way of, through; 통하다 to pass through
 피서객 summer visitor, summer tourist
 해수욕장 beach (swimming area)
 해운대 Haeundae Beach in Pusan

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