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제 12 과
예술의 도시 광주


 가락  tune, melody, song (archaic expression of 곡)
 겹겹이  in many layers (of mountains, faric, clothes)
 교환 교수  exchange professor
 기름    gas, oil
 기분     feeling, mood
 내다 보다  to look out from
 농부  farmer
 놓치다  to miss, to fail to catch
 대신  instead of, substitution, substitute; 대신하다 to take the place of, to replace Audio N/A!
 도로  road
 동양화  Oriental painting; 동양 the Orient, Oriental
 들르다    to drop by, to stop by
 비교  comparison; 비교하다 to compare
 사랑하다    to love
 상  table
 성악가  concert singer
 셀 수 없이  innumerably, countlessly
 소설가  novelist, fiction writer
 시인  poet
 시장하다  to be hungry (HON.); 배가 고프다 to be hungry (plain)
 예술    art;  예술적 artistic
 오페라        opera
 -을/를 빼고  without, except, leaving out; 빼다 to take out, to leave out
 음식    (cooked) food; 음식 솜씨 cooking skill
 전라도  Chŏlla Province
 전통  tradition 
 -점    piece (of artwork); 그림 한 점 one painting
 정도    extent, degree
 주유소    gas station
 즐기다  to enjoy, to have fun
 초대하다  to invite; 초대 invitation
 출신  origin, birth; graduate; 출신이다 to come from; to be a graduate of
 판소리  pansori (traditional Korean song)
 평화스러운  peaceful; 평화스럽다 to be peaceful; 평화 peace
 한정식  Korean full-course meal
 해남  city of Haenam in South Chŏlla Province
 화가       painter, artist
 휴게소  rest area

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