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제 13 과


 경유하여  through, by way of; 경유하다 to pass through, to go by way of
 경험  experience; 경험하다 to experience
 다행이다  to be fortunate
 돌  stone, rock
 둘러싸다   to surround, to wrap around
 따오다    to pick off (a tree) and bring; 따다 to pick off
 몽고군     Mongolian army; 몽고 Mongolia
 뭐하러       for what
 미리       ahead, in advance
 바람  wind; 바람이 불다 wind blows
 밥하다    to cook
 방식      way, method, manner; 생활 방식 way of life
 본토  mainland
 봐 두다      to inspect, to see ahead
 뿐만 아니라   not only; 뿐 only
 새로운        new; 새롭다 to be new, to be fresh
 섬    island
 식물 [싱물]    plants
 신혼여행  honeymoon
 언어      language
 -에 의하면  according to; 의하다 to be based on
 -에 의해서      by means of, in accordance with 
 여행하다    to travel
 요새; 요즘    these days
 육지       land, shore
 이미  already 
 점               point, issue; 다른 점 different point; 좋은 점 good point Audio N/A!
 정복하다       to conquer
 제주도    Cheju Island (south of Korean Peninsula), Cheju Province
 제주시  city of Cheju (on Cheju Island)
 직행 [지캥]      direct route, nonstop route; 직행 표 express ticket, nonstop ticket
 집안 일  housework
 처녀        maiden, virgin
 총각       bachelor, single man
to invade
 타원형    oval shape; 둥글다 to be round
 특이하다      to be unique, to be peculiar
 파도       waves
 푸른       blue, azure; 푸르다 to be blue, to be azure
 한-       right; 한 가운데 right in the middle of
Mount Halla
 할 수 없이 having no choice, without any other choice; 할 수 없다 can't help it
 해녀       woman sea diver
 홀로       alone
 화산       volcano (volcanic mountain)
 힌트  hint

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