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제 14 과


 건강한  healthy; 건강하다 to be healthy; 건강 health
 결심하다  to determine; 결심 determination
 국제 전화  international phone call
 귀국하다  to return to one's home country
 그믐날    the last day of the month
 깜박      momentarily, in an instant of time
 대강  roughly, generally 
 떡국  rice-cake soup
 마음  heart, mind, thought
 매년; 매해 every year
 몸    body
 미루다    to postpone, to put it off
 바꿔 주다  to change (for someone); 전화를 바꿔 주다 to put (someone) on the phone
 별 일  strange event, unexpected thing; 별- strange, unexpected
 복 받다  to be blessed; 복 blessing
 사촌  cousin
 세배    sebae (formal bow of respect to elders on New Year's Day); 세배 가다 to pay visit of respect on New Year's Day; 세배 드리다; 세배하다 to perform sebae
 습관  habit, custom
 시차  time difference
 신년계획  New Year's plan
 쓸쓸히    lonely; 쓸쓸하다 to be lonely
 아차     Oops!
 연락하다  to contact, to get in touch with; 연락 contact
 웬만큼  tolerably, acceptably; 웬만하다 to be at an acceptable level
 윷놀이하다  to play yut game; 윷놀이 yut game, Four-Stick Game
 이제  by now, now
 인사  greeting; 새해 인사 New Year's greeting; 인사하다 to greet
 튼튼한  strong, healthy; 튼튼하다 to be strong, to be healthy

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
갈아 입다  to change clothes 
눈썹  eyebrows 
동지  winter solstice 
밀가루  flour 
-살 먹다  to get to be ...years old (colloquial) 
뿌리다  to scatter 
새우다  to stay up; 밤을 새우다 to stay up all night 
섣달 그믐날 the year's last month's last day, New Year's Eve 
설 쇠다  to celebrate New Year's Day 
설빔  New Year's Day attire 
졸리다  to be sleepy; 졸다 to doze off 
팥죽  red bean porridge 
하얘지다  to turn white; 까매지다 to turn black or dark 
함께  together

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