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제 15 과


 가고파  "Longing to Go" (song title)
 가사  lyrics
 각; 각각  each
 곡  tune, piece (of music)
 기회  opportunity, chance
 노래자랑  song contest
 다수결  majority decision;  다수 majority
 대회  meeting, conference, competition
 독창  solo (singing)
 -등  place (in contest); 일 등 first place; 이 등 second place
 맡다  to be in charge of, to take on (responsibility)
 모임  meeting, gathering
 -못지 않게  as good as
 박수  applause; 박수 치다 to applaud
 반  class
 반주  accompaniment (in music); 반주하다 to accompany (in music); 반주자 accompanist
 발표하다  to present, to announce; 발표 presentation, announcement
 벗기  taking off; 벗다 to take off; 옷을 벗다 to take off clothes
(Vi.) to be selected; 뽑다 (Vt.) to select
 상  prize, award; 상을 받다 to win a prize
 시합  competition, match
 심사 위원 judge (for contest); 심사하다 to judge, to assess
 연습  exercise, practice; 연습하다 to practice
 외우다  to memorize, to recite
 이기다  to win
 인기이다; 인기가 있다 to be popular; 인기 [인끼] popularity
 작곡  composition (music), composed by; 작곡하다 to compose
 작사  writing lyrics, lyrics by; 작사하다 to write lyrics
 지휘  direction (music); 지휘하다 to conduct (in music); 지휘자 conductor
 청중  audience
 충고  advice; 충고하다 to advise
 크게  largely, remarkably, loudly
 투표하다  to vote, to take a ballot; 투표 voting, balloting, a vote
 틈 나다  to have spare time; 틈 spare time
 -편  side, party; 우리 편 our side
 피아노  piano; 피아노를 치다 to play piano
 한턱 내다 to treat (to a meal); 한턱 a treat (colloquial)
 합창  chorus, choir; 합창하다 to sing in a choir
 후보  candidate
 고향  hometown
 그립다 to long for, to miss
 대궐  palace
 동네  village, town
 복숭아꽃  peach blossom; 복숭아 peach
 산골 [산꼴]  mountain valley, mountain village
 살구꽃  apricot blossom; 살구 apricot
 아기진달래  fresh spring azalea
 울긋불긋  colorful, variegated
 차리인; 차린 decorated with, equipped with; 차리다 to prepare (meal), to arrange, to decorate
 겨레  (nation's) people
 살리다 to revive, to save, to let live; 살다 to live
 소원  wish
 이루다 to establish, to achieve
 정성  devotion, care, sincerity; 정성을 다하다 to devote all strength to
 통일  unification; 통일되다 to be unified

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
그리워라  (I) miss, (I) long for 
꿈엔들  even in (my) dreams 
날으리  (I imagine/fancy it will) fly 
남쪽 바다 southern sea 
동무  friend, chum 
뛰놀던  used to romp/frolic 
물새  water bird 
보고파라  (I) wish to see, (I) miss seeing 
뿌리치다  to shake off, to leave 
살고 지고 live and die 
어디 간들 wherever (I) go 
어이타가  why, what (went wrong) (short form of 어찌 하다가) 
얼리다  to join, to mingle (short form of 어울리다) 
온갖  all kinds 
잊으리오  how (can I) forget 
잔잔한  calm, tranquil 
한데  one place 

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