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제 16 과
발렌타인 데이


 고객 customer
 궁금하다 to be curious about
 그대로 as it is
 그저께 the day before yesterday
 -끼리    together with, in a group, by themselves;  우리끼리 by ourselves 
 남 others, other person, stranger
 낭비하다   to waste;  낭비 waste
 너도나도   everyone
 따라가다   to follow, to go with, to accompany, to follow in one's steps
 또래 of the same age group, of the peer group
 모레    the day after tomorrow  
 무늬 pattern, figure;  꽃무늬 floral pattern
 바람에   as the result of, because of
 발렌타인 데이 Saint Valentine's Day

(* In the current Korean custom, young people of each sex have a different day for expressing their affection and fondness. Valentine's Day, February 14, is for women to give gifts to men, while March 14, known as White Day, is set aside for men to give gifts to women.)
department store
 붐비다 to be crowded
 생신 birthday (HON.);  생일 birthday (plain)
 서양 occidental, the Occident, Western world;  동양 Orient
 선물 gift, present
 손님 customer
 쉽게 easily
 스카프 scarf
 실수하다 to make a mistake;  실수 mistake, blunder
 애인 girlfriend or boyfriend, lover
 유행 trend, fashion;  유행이다/유행하다 to be trendy, to be in fashion
 이유 없이 with no reason;  이유 reason
 점원 shop clerk
 판매원 salesperson 
 편리하다 to be convenient
 평소 ordinary times;  평소에 usually, ordinarily
 풍습   custom, practices
 -한테 to (a person) (indirect object marker in colloquial and intimate speech)
 휩쓸리다   to be swept up, to be seized, to be overrun;  휩쓸다 to sweep, to seize, to overrun

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
감각 sense;  유머 감각 sense of humor
경제적 economical 
나이 든  old;  나이 들다 to get mature or old
낱말 [난말]  word, vocabulary
성장 growth;  성장하다 to grow, to expand;  경제 성장 economic growth
신세대 new generation
어려움 difficulty, hardship
유머 humor;  유머(가) 있다 to be humorous
이후   after this (point), since
자라다   to grow up, to be raised

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