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제 18 과


 강조하다 to emphasize, to stress; 강조 emphasis
 경기    (sports) game, tournament
 고전  classics, classical literature
 광화문 역  Kwang-hwa-mun stop or station
 권  volume (book)
 그래서 그런지 maybe that is why
 동아리  club, group
 둘러보다  to look around, to make a survey
 드문  scarce, rare, unusual; 드물다 to be scarce, to be rare
 로빈훗  Robin Hood
 만화 cartoon, comics  
 무술    martial arts
 -문고 bookstore; 서울 문고 Seoul Bookstore
 베스트셀러  best-seller
 사라지다  to disappear
 서점     bookstore
 소설    fiction, novel
 수양    mind discipline; 수양하다 to discipline one's mind
 스포츠    sport
 시내   downtown, within city limits
 시범     example or demonstration; 시범 경기 exhibition game or match
 신나다  to be exciting
 인내심     patient mind, endurance; 인내 patience
 일종의  a kind of, a sort of; 일종 a kind, a sort
 점점  gradually
 정신  mind, consciousness, mentality
 태권도  tae kwon do
 택견  form of Korean martial art
 호기심  curiosity
 『홍길동전』 The Tale of Hong Kil-dong

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
가난하다  to be poor 
거절하다  to refuse 
결국  finally, in the end 
관리 [괄리]  bureaucrat, government official 
관직  government position 
그러다가  while doing so, meanwhile 
나누어 주다 to distribute 
나쁜  bad, wicked; 나쁘다 to be bad, to be wicked 
다스리다  to govern, to rule 
데리고  accompanying 
도둑; 도적 thief, burglar; 도둑질하다 to steal 
명령 [명녕]  order, command; 명령을 내리다 to order, to command 
모아 두다 to accumulate 
불만  discontent; 불만을 품다 to be discontent, to have a grudge 
빼앗다  to snatch, to take away 
온  all, entire; 온 나라 all over the country; 온 집안 entire family/home 
옳다 [올타]  to be right, to be correct 
우두머리  head, leader, chief 
의로운  righteous; 의롭다 to be righteous 
재산  property, asset
천대  mistreatment, ill-treatment; 천대를 받다 to be mistreated 
첩  concubine 
품다  to bear in mind, to harbor 
학문  scholarship, academic knowledge 
혼내 주다 to reprimand, to teach a lesson (colloquial) 

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