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제 19 과
음악 공연 예약


 가능하다  to be possible;  가능하면 if possible
 공연    performance (music, drama, or dance)
 나란히    side by side, in line, in a row
 냉커피    iced coffee;  냉수 iced water
 데리고 가다  to take along; 데리고 오다 to bring together
 마음씨  mind, heart;  마음씨 착한 good-hearted, good-natured
 뮤지컬  a musical
 미술전    art exhibition
 -석  seat (for tickets);  A석 A-class ticket
 아틀리에  atelier, studio
 앞자리    front seat;  자리 seat
 약속  promise, appointment;  약속하다 to promise
 연기   performance, acting;  연기하다 to act
 예매처    booth for advance sales Audio N/A!
 예매하다  to sell/buy in advance
 욕심장이    greedy person
 의논하다  to discuss;  의논 discussion
 -잔  cup (of);  커피 한잔 cup of coffee
 잠이 들다  to fall asleep
 -장    piece;  세 장 three pieces;  표 석장 three (pieces of) tickets
 죽다  to die
 지경이다  to be at the point of;  죽을 지경이다 to almost die
 지불하다   to pay;  지불 payment
good-hearted, good-natured;  착하다 to be good-hearted
 카드  credit card
   fan, admirer
 현대화하다  to modernize;  현대화 modernization
 『흥부전』  The Tale of Hŭngbu

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
가득  full, fully 
-간  between 
갈등  conflict, tension;  갈등(이) 있다 to have conflict or tension 
고개  neck 
구렁이  boa, large snake 
꼴 보기 싫다 hate to see (the face of a person) 
내쫓다   to expel, to chase out 
당장  immediately, right now 
둥지  nest 
따다  to pick 
땅  earth, land, ground 
떨어뜨리다  (Vt.) to drop;  떨어지다 (Vi.) to drop 
뚫다 [뚤타]  to make a hole 
박  gourd;  박 씨 gourd seed;  박 꽃 gourd flower 
보물   treasure, valuables 
보석  jewel, gem, precious stone 
부러지다  (Vi.) to break;  부러뜨리다 (Vt.) to break 
부자   rich person 
불평  complaint;  불평하다 to complain 
새끼    chick, baby (animal) 
심다  to plant 
심술쟁이  grouch, ill-tempered person 
to pour out, to gush out 
씨앗; 씨 seed 
앞마당 [암마당] front yard 
오두막집  hut 
우애  brotherly or friendly love 
crying;  울부짖다 to cry out 
유언  last words, dying wish;  유언하다 to express dying wish 
정성껏  with care, with devotion 
제비  swallow (bird) 
주렁주렁  (hanging) in clusters 
줄거리  outline, plot; stalk, stem;  이야기 줄거리 main plot of story 
줍다  to pick up (from the ground) 
지붕  roof 
차다  (Vi) to fill up; (Vt) 채우다 to fill up 
천대하다  to mistreat, to treat with contempt 
천장  ceiling 
초가집  thatched house 
치료하다  to treat (a patient), to give medical treatment 
하도  too (much), very 
화해  reconciliation;  화해하다 to reconcile

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