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제 20 과
조선족 학생과의 만남


 교포  Koreans residing abroad, overseas Koreans
 -덕택에  owing to, thanks to
 마찬가지이다 to be the same, to be similar
 만철  Man-chul (man's name)
 발음  pronunciation; 발음하다 to pronounce
 북경  Beijing
 북한  North Korea
 사용하다  to use
 서구  western Europe; 서양 the West; 동구 eastern Europe
 성장하다  to grow; 성장 growth
 소리  sound, word; 무슨 소리야? What's this sound? What do you mean?
 액센트  accent
 어리둥절하다 to feel confused, to be bewildered or at a loss
 에어콘; 냉방기  air conditioner
 엘리베이터; 승강기 elevator
 연변  Yŏnbyŏn (northeastern region in China near North Korean boarder)
 영  completely, not at all
 외래어  word of foreign origin, loanword
 자라다  to grow up, to be raised
 전혀  entirely (not), completely (not)
 정도   extent, degree
 조선족  Chosŏn nationals, Korean-Chinese
 주문하다  to order; 주문 an order, ordering
 준희  Jun-hie (woman's name)

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
국경선  national border line; 국경 national border
노력하다  to make an effort; 노력 effort, endeavor
독립 [동닙]  independence; 독립 운동 independence movement
민족  ethnic group, race, (ethnically identical) people
소수  minority; 다수 majority; 소수 민족 ethnic minority
안팎에 [안파께] in the inside and outside; 안팎 the inside and the outside
압록강  Apnok River (also known as Yalu River)
-여  more than; 십 여 개의 식당 more than ten restaurants
이외에도 additionally, besides; 이외 others
이전  (from) the previous, before; 이후 after this
이주하다 to move, to immigrate; 이주 moving, immigration
Japanese occupation period
-자신  self; 자신의 of one's own
자부심  pride
자치구  self-governing region
적지 않은 not a few; 적다 to be few
정해지다  (Vi.) to be set, to be decided; 정하다 (Vt.) to decide on, to choose
지역  region
지키다  to keep, to preserve, to guard 

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