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제 21 과
전자 제품이 고장나다


 가격  price
 가능하다  to be possible, it's possible
 고르다  to select, to choose
 고장  breakdown; 고장나다 to be out of order
 고치다  to repair, to fix
 구입하다  to purchase; 구입 purchase, buying
 국산  domestic, made in Korea; 국산품 Korean/domestic product
 금성  Kŭmsŏng, Gold Star (name of company)
 꺼내다  to take out (of box, envelope, or the like)
 끄다  to switch off, to turn off, to extinguish
 다양하게  variously; 다양하다 to be various
 닷새  five days; 닷새 안에 within five days
 떨어뜨리다  (Vt.) to drop; 떨어지다 (Vi.) to drop
 뜯다  to take apart, to tear apart (and open)
 무료(로)  free (with no charge)
 볼트  volt
 부담하다  to pay, to bear the expense; 부담이 크다 to cost a lot
 불편하다  to be uncomfortable, to be inconvenient
 비용  expense
 상자  box
 서비스 센터  service center
 -셈이다  it is as though
 소비자  consumer; 소비하다 to consume
 신나게  happily, elatedly, excitedly; 신나다 to be excited
 신형  new style
 씨디 플레이어 CD player; 씨디 CD
 알아 주다  to recognize, to appreciate
 어댑터  adapter
to worry; 염려하지 마세요. Don't worry.
 오디오  audio system, stereo set
 용산  Yongsan (district in Seoul)
 이상하다  to be odd or strange
 잘못하다  (something) goes wrong
 전시되다  to be exhibited; 전시하다 to exhibit; 전시 exhibition
 전자 상가  mall of electronics stores
 전자 제품  electrical or electronic item
 정가 [정까] regular price, sticker price
 -제  made in or by; 독일제 made in Germany
 제품 product, goods
 줄다 to decrease; 줄어들다 to (gradually) decrease
 최신 the newest
 켜다 to switch on
 품질 quality (of item or merchandise)
 혹시 by any chance

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
기계  machine, machinery 
꾸지람  scolding, rebuke; 꾸지람하다 to scold; 꾸지람 듣다 to be scolded 
낭비하다  to waste; 낭비 waste 
모자라다  to lack, to be insufficient 
사용  use; 사용하다 to use 
생각 없이  without thinking 
세계적으로  internationally, worldwide 
소비  consumption; 소비하다 to consume 
수력 발전  hydroelectric power generation 
오염되다  to be polluted 
올리다  to raise 
원자력  nuclear power 
자원  resources 
전기  electricity 
전압 voltage 
to save, to be thrifty 
태양; 해  sun 
화력  thermal power 
환경  environment; 환경 오염 environmental pollution 

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