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제 22 과
무역회사 통역을 하다


 경제  economy
 계약  contract
 공장  factory
 과장님 department head (HON.); 과장 manager, section chief
 -군  Mr.― (to young man by superior)
 그러기를; 그렇게 되기를 hoping it would turn out so
 급하다  to be in a hurry, to have an emergency; 급히 in a hurry, urgently
 날짜  (due) date; 날짜가 급하다 to be in a rush, time is running out
 높이다  to raise
 다하다  to exhaust; 최선을 다하다 to do one's best
 마침  just at the right time, just at the right moment
 무역  trade, import and export
 문제  problem; 문제 없다 No problem.
 바라다  to wish, to hope
 바이어  buyer
 부탁  request, favor; 부탁하다 to request, to ask a favor
 사양하다  to decline, to turn down (politely)
 생산품  products, manufactured
 서류  document, paper
 수입  import
 수출  export
 안내  guide, information 
 운영하다  to manage, to administer; 운영 management, administration
 원하다  to want, to wish
 이해시키다  to make someone understand; 이해 understanding
 잠깐만  just a moment, a little while
 전문 용어  technical terms
 전해 드리다  to relay (for someone) (HON.)
 주로  mainly, mostly
 직원  company employee
 -쪽  side, way; 이 쪽 this way; 저 쪽 that way
 최선  (one's) best; 최선을 다하다 to do one's best
 통역하다  to interpret; 통역 interpretation
 퍼센트  percentage (프로 for colloquial)
 평소에  usually, ordinarily; 평소 ordinary times
 활발하다  to be active, to be lively
 현관  front entrance

   Vocabulary for Extra Reading 
개발하다  to develop 
경기  state of economy, business conditions 
to be sufficient, to have enough (time, space, or money) 
더군다나  furthermore 
반도체  semiconductor 
상품  merchandise 
생산비  production cost 
수준  level; 생활 수준 living standard 
영향  influence 
위해서  for, for the sake of 
의복  clothes 
인력 [일력]  human power; 인력자원 human resources 
임금  wages 
재료  material 
점차  gradually 
중심  center, core 
천연 [처년]  natural; 천연 자원 natural resources 
철강  steel 
해결하다  to solve 
해외  abroad, overseas 

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