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제 24 과
미국에서 온 소식


 가꾸다 to take care of (plants)
 가치  value
 경비원 security personnel, guard
 곳곳  here and there, everywhere
 기후  climate
 기사  news item; 신문 기사 newspaper account, newspaper article
 끌다  to draw; 관심을 끌다 to draw interest
 내내  throughout a time period; 일년 내내 all through the year
 동기  motive
 들다  to cost; 학비가 싸게 든다. Tuition costs little.
to be warm
 떨어지다 to fall, to go down
 뜯어 보다 
  [뜨더 보다]
to open to see or read; 뜯다 to tear off
 백만  million
 봉투  envelope
 비록  even if
 생활비  living expenses
 선전하다  to advertise
 수영장  swimming pool
 쉬다  to take a rest; 쉬면서 while relaxing
 신선한  refreshing, fresh; 신선하다 to be refreshing, to be fresh
 안부 편지 letter to find out if one is well
 안전  safety, security; 안전하다 to be safe or secure
for, named to
 -에 따르면  according to; 따르다 to follow
 요리사  a cook; 요리 cooking; 요리하다 to cook
 은퇴하다  to retire; 은퇴 retirement
 이민  immigration; 이민자 immigrant
 이민 오다  to immigrate; 이민 가다 to emigrate
 이상  more than, above, over
 익다  to be familiar, to be accustomed to
 정답  correct answer
 정원  garden; 정원사 gardener
 지리적  geographic; 지리적으로 geographically; 지리 geography
 책임지다  to take responsibility, to be responsible; 책임 responsibility
 천지차이  big difference (as if between heaven and earth); 천지차이이다 to be worlds apart
 최근  recent
 통  classifier for letters and documents; 편지 한 통 one letter; 이력서 두 통 two copies of resume
 페소화  (Mexican) peso currency

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