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제 25 과
바보 온달과 평강 공주


 감동  impression, excitement, emotion; 감동하다/되다 to be moved, to be impressed by
 결정되다  to be decided; 결정하다 to decide
 고구려  Koguryŏ (37 B.C.- 668 A.D., one of the Three Kingdoms)
 고집  stubbornness, obstinacy; 고집 부리다 to be stubborn
 공주  princess
 관  coffin
 국민  people of the country
 궁전  palace, royal residence
 그대  you, thou (used in poems and letters)
 그러자  and then, when it's done, as soon as (something) happens/is done
 글읽기  reading and studying (classics)
 놀리다  to tease; 놀림 teasing, making fun of
 눈물 흘리다  to shed tears
 달려오다  to come running
 동화책  children's storybook
 떨어진  worn-out; 떨어진 신 worn-out shoes; 떨어지다 to be worn out, to fall off
 맞다  to get hit; 화살을 맞다 to be shot by an arrow
 모으다  to gather, to collect
 바보  idiot, stupid person
 벼슬  government position, official rank
 사윗감  prospective son-in-law
 사정  circumstances, the state of things
 생사  life and death
 소식  news
 슬프게  sadly; 슬프다 to be sad
 시집보내다  to marry off (woman); 시집 marriage (for woman); in-law's house (literally); 시집가다 to get married
 신랑 [실랑]  groom; 신랑감 prospective groom
 싸우다  to fight
 옮기다  to move to
 움직이다  to move
 자꾸  repeatedly, frequently
 적  enemy
 전쟁  war; 전쟁터 battlefield
 조카  nephew and niece
 쫓아 내다  to drive off
 쳐들어오다  to invade, to attack
 패물  jewelry
 평강왕  King Phyŏnggang
 해마다; 매년 every year
 화나다  to be mad, to be angry
 화살  arrow

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