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제 26 과
북한에 대하여


 같은  same; 같다 to be the same Audio N/A!
 결과  result
 경계  border, boundary
 공산주의  communism; 공산주의자 communist
to control, to manage, to be in charge of
 군인  soldier, military
 금강산  Kŭmgang Mountains
 나뉘다  to be divided; 나누다 to divide
 남한  South Korea
to become independent; 독립 independence
 듣다  to take (course)
 목숨  life, breath of life; 목숨을 잃다 to be dead or killed
 민족  ethnic group, race, (ethnically identical) people
 민주주의  democracy; 민주주의(의) democratic
 백두산  Paekdu Mountain
 복구되다  to be reconstructed, to be restored; 복구하다 to reconstruct, to restore; 복구 reconstruction, restoration
 부서지다  to be destroyed, to be demolished, to be broken; 부수다 to destroy, to demolish, to break
 불리다  to be called
 -을/를 비롯하여  including, beginning with, along with
 삼팔선; 삼십팔도선  thirty-eight degrees north latitude (literally), thirty-eighth parallel (dividing Korea)
 서해  West Sea (also known as Yellow Sea)
 세워지다  (Vi.) to be founded; 세우다 (Vt.) to found, to set up
 소련  Russia (former Soviet Union)
 애국가  Korean national anthem; 국가 national anthem
 위치  location
 유엔군  U.N. troops
 육 이오(6·25)  Korean War (began June 25, 1950)
 이차 세계 대전  World War II; 일차 세계 대전 World War I
 인쇄하다  to print; 인쇄 printing
 잃다 [일타]  to lose
 자본주의  capitalism
 전설  legend; 전설적(인) legendary
 제목  title
 지배  ruling; 지배하다 to rule, to govern
 차지하다  to occupy
 치다  to take (test); to hit
 통일되다  to become unified; 통일하다 to unify; 통일 unification
 하나로  as one (entity)
 한국사; 국사  Korean history
 한반도  Korean Peninsula
 휴전선  truce line; 휴전하다 to make a truce; 휴전 truce, armistice

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