Unit 5 - Mga Pista at Pagdiriwang (Festivals & Celebrations)

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Divide the class into four or five groups depending on class size.  Share strategies in memorizing vocabulary words.

1. aswang -  an evil character believed to be capable of assuming different forms, which is believed to visit or harass pregnant women, particularly during the night.

2. itim na duwende – (Sp.) dwarf.

3. halimaw - a wild or ferocious animal; beast; syn. “mabangis na hayop” -a beast-like person or brutal person.  “malupit na tao, hayop” – as in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

4. kapre - (Sp.) a folkloric giant, said to appear during the night with a big lighted cigar in his mouth, lives in a tree and destroys houses.

5. manananggal - Philippine folklore, an evil spirit, said to be in form of man with only the upper part of the body roaming around for victims during night (aswang, mangkukulam).

6. mangkukulam - a witch; a bewitcher; it has uses a voodoo doll to bring harm to its victim.

7. tikbalang - a legendary creature whose head and body looks like a person with feet like those of a horse; it is said that this creature can cause people to lose their way in the forest.

8. tiyanak - a goblin or mischievous spirit, which according to folklore, is the spirit of a young child who died unbaptized.  It seeks fetuses.  Syn. patyanak, from ‘patay anak’ dead/kill offspring.

9. nuno sa punso – an old man on a mound or anthill; an evil or mischievous spirit said to be found in anthills.

10. maligno - (Sp.) an evil spirit.  Syn, demonyo - devil; kababalaghan – mysterious.

11. lamanlupa - a gnome Cf. nuno o matanda sa punso (see #5).



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