Unit 5 - Mga Pista at Pagdiriwang (Festivals & Celebrations)

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Sa Amerika, Halowin, sa Pilipinas “Araw ng mga Patay”

1. Write two short paragraphs about how Halloween is celebrated in the U.S. and how “Araw ng mga Patay” is celebrated in the Philippines.  Use the habitual past.

Begin the first paragraph with:  “Kapag Halowin sa Amerika….”
Begin the second paragaraph with:  “Sa Pilipinas naman, ito ay “Araw ng mga Patay.”
Conclude with:  Sa Amerika at sa Pilipinas, …”

Students work in pairs to correct each other’s work.  Students confer the reasons for the structures used.  After they have written down the reasons for the corrections, they pass the papers to the teacher.


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