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제 3 과


 간단히 briefly, simply;  간단하다 to be simple
 강의 lecture
 강의실 lecture hall, classroom
 같다 to be identical, to be equal;  -것 같다 it seems, it looks
 개학식 orientation;  개학하다 to begin (semester) 
 교수 professor
 기웃기웃 craning, peeking in;  기웃기웃하다 to crane, to peek in
 남미 South America
 늦다 to be late
 대화 dialogue, conversation
 들여다 보다 to look into, to peek in
 모두 all, in all, all together
 물어 보다   to try asking;  묻다 to ask
 밥 cooked rice, meal
 북미 North America
 샤워하다 to take a shower
 설명 explanation;  설명하다 to explain
 소개하다 to introduce;  소개 introduction
 수업 instruction, lessons, class
 실례이다 to not follow proper etiquette;  실례지만 Excuse me, . . .
 아시아 Asia
 어디 where
 -에 대해(서) about, concerning
 연수 study and training
 유럽 Europe
 이용하다 to utilize, to make use of, to use;  -을/를 이용하여 by utilizing
 주고 받다 to share, to exchange (literally, to give and take)
 중요한 important;  중요하다 to be important
 참 very; By the way, Say
 참석하다 to attend, to participate;  참석 attendance
 첫- first;  첫날 first day
 -층 floor;  3 층 third floor
 프로그램  program
 -호실 room number;  2호실 room 2
 호주 Australia
 회화 conversation;  회화 시간 conversation class

Extra Reading  Vocabulary
각자 each person, individual, individually
교포 Koreans residing abroad, overseas Koreans
국제 international;  국제 학생 기숙사 international student dormitory
기간 time period
(Vt.) to finish, to complete 
대개; 대개는 mostly, in general
머물다 to stay (from 머무르다)
문화 culture
물론 of course
민박 homestay;  민박하다 to stay with a family
보통 ordinary, common, usual, average
생활하다 to live, to exist;  생활 life, livelihood
알아 보다 to find out, to look up, to check out
여가 leisure
오전 A.M., morning
외국인   foreigner;  외국 foreign country
위하여 for (the sake of)

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