Welcome to the Online Courseware of Intermediate College Korean. 
In this part, you will find (A) how to use this program for practicing Korean based on Intermediate College Korean, and (B) how to adjust your computer to best run the program.

Each section of this program has a different function and format as briefly described below.
This page is for general information on the Program and will lead you to each individual lesson. (For the web site history, go to About this Project .) 
TEXT with audio
When you click the lesson that you want to view, you will see a text page with small icons and buttons imbedded in sentences. The icons and buttons mean that there are grammar explanations and a vocabulary glossary linked so that you can read them without going to those individual pages, or that there will be audio clips linked so that the audio will play when you click the icons or buttons. By playing audio clips spoken by Koreans, you can practice the pronunciation and intonation. You may also practice aural reading following the audio.
TEXT only
This section is for the "clean," non-linked version of the lesson for reading only. This page is useful when you practice listening comprehension without the help of a glossary.
The grammar patterns correspond to the grammar in the text. This electronic version will provide you with an easy access to the related grammar points by clicking the icon without having to go to the grammar section.
This section is to assist in learning vocabulary, both from Korean to English and English to Korean. Each word can be heard individually for ¡®listen and repeat' drills or all words in the vocabulary can be heard serially for ¡®listening only' practice. Some people need to listen and say words and others may want to memorize them by just listening.
The exercises with clearly spoken audio clips are based on the textbook exercises. In classroom learning, the instructor may have specific assignments for students different from these EXERCISES.
The Additional Exercises, although related to the contents of the text, are not in your textbook. There is a special section for improving listening comprehension.
This homework package is designed for weekly assignments in the Intermediate Korean course to be completed and turned in by the students. The materials follow the textbook closely but are not identical. If necessary, the instructor may select or limit the assignment items based on the students' needs and progress.

Computer setting: 
Your computer may need some adjustments to optimize the Courseware function and display. (Intermediate College Korean website is optimized for Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version with 1024*768 resolution screen size, and Windows Media Player is expected to be installed on the user's computer.)
  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer: 
    We are currently testing other web browsers, however we highly recommend that you use Internet Explorer. Please click here to download Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

  2. Windows Media Player:
    Most of the audio files contained in the content are in MP3 format, and users will not have any problem playing them as long as they have a program installed on the computer that can playback MP3 files. However, since the audio files in EXERCISES, HOMEWORK menus (MP3) and those used in the Listening Comprehension section in the ADDITIONAL EXERCISES menu (WMA), are embedded in HTML files as objects, users will need to have Windows Media Player to play them.) 

  3. Korean IME: 
    "Korean IME (Input Method Editor)" by Microsoft, or similar programs must be installed on the computer to view or type in Korean script, Hangul. Click here to download the Korean IME from the Microsoft website.

  4. To learn typing in Korean: 
    Click here to download free software to learn how to type and to practice typing in Korean.

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